Now that the indoor season has begun I will be attending many games over the next few months and I will select a topic to chat about each week based on what I see in the games. The links below will allow you read the chat and if you have any comments or questions, as always, feel free to email them to me. Just use the link below. If you know of any keepers who would like to be on the update list have them send me an email and they will get update notices.
November 11, 2006 Chat
      February 20 , 2007 Chat
Playing the Game
November 18, 2006 Chat
Going to Ground
March 11 , 2007 Chat
November 25, 2006 Chat
    July 3 , 2007 Chat
"Protect yourself"
December 02 , 2006 Chat
Starting Position
December 09 , 2006 Chat
December 20 , 2006 Chat
December 30 , 2006 Chat
High Balls
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